a Good Article about the Guilt Imposed on You by Narcs


And after a life long period of being brainwashed by narc parents with their guilt trip techniques, we even sometimes feel sorry for them. However, the following article reminds me not to fall into that trap!

Here I quote the sentence that resonated and gave me a wake-up call not to pity narc parents:

“Making a fundamental error in judgment, most Empaths and spiritually in tune people who have suffered at the hands of an abusive person has wrestled internally with the decision whether or not to keep trying to make a relationship work with a predator. Hoping to help them transcend the barrier between their grandiose and entitled sense of self,  we’ve overlooked and passively (of not actively) enabled predatory people to feast on our pain.”

” Hurt people don’t HURT PEOPLE. Broken and incomplete people with an attention seeking nature love to make mischief and manufacture chaos to alleviate boredom for themselves routinely.


We normally pity those who are truly hurt, the true victims who have been traumatized. They are the hurt people. Narcs are not hurt people. Their brain doesn’t even function as normal brains. So I need to keep reminding myself not to pity narcs.

Also, there is some interesting insight into how narcs’ brains work. Beware!! Narcs think like predators, even if they are your parents!!




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