Nice pic.


This thumbnail really captures the condescending look and deliberate neglect of my narc mother.

As I was growing up ( even now), she would pretend she didn’t hear what I said, no matter it’s something I wanted to share with her about school, some problem, or just trivial daily things, like questions about dinner or house chores, although very often she and i were the only 2 in the room and I am pretty sure she heard me.  Occassionally, she would suddenly go into a rage, and without addressing what I said or asked her, she would shout at me: “You do all the talking!” “Can’t you be quiet?” After many repetitions, I learned to take care of my problems on my own. NO ONE LIKES TO BE HUMILIATED LIKE THAT. Since she and her husband (Now I find it’s really hard to call them mother or father; they are my parents in name only.)

And later they would complain that I don’t share my life with them??? Even now they probably don’t get it why I go low contact.

Gonna post some other websites showing very similar experiences to mine in another post, that one will show why they are parents in name only, like they didn’t teach me anything about personal hygiene, never defended me when I was bullied in school by teachers & other kids even after i reached to them for help (How is it possible that they would defend me like normal parents do? They themselves enjoyed bullying me)


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