“Taiwan is like my floating island. It is an island that’s not recognised as a country; it doesn’t have a definite identity. It’s a very special political situation there: everything’s undecided. Floating. It’s an island, it’s oceanic and I’ve been adrift, floating like Pi, all my life.”  — Ang Lee


I so resonate with what the Oscar Award winning director/ Taiwanese American  Ang Lee said! I always feel I have been floating all my  life.  Growing up in Taiwan, I don’t feel I belong to Taiwan. Growing up in the same family, I don’t feel I belong to this family. I have never felt belonging to any group or people.

Maybe the reason why is that I’ve never belong to myself. Like an English song goes, “I’ve never been to me.”  The journey on discovering NPD and codependency reveals a shocking truth to me. There might not even be an “I”. Everything that I thought was “I” was nothing more than a construction fabricated by those who objectified me. So, who am I? lol.

Even though I am highly intuitive and might very well be an empath, I feel that’s only a small part of me. Who am I as a whole? 


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