Adult Survivor – Evolve over years

Rebellious Scapegoat

Keep changing, keep growing, keep evolving!

Never easy for abuse survivors to go through festivals / celebrations as it’s always brought up many sad memories / hurtful flashbacks.

Don’t know why but recently many memories came up my minds during normal daily routine, e.g. visiting some places, packing up clothes, brushing teeth or other common activities etc.

Kind of like : when the moment people ready to die … all memories from the past come up like movie.

Strange. But this make me rethink my evolution over years.

Early Stage of Evoluation after Abuse

Many abuse victims, including me, had no clue and clouded with many uncertainty / self-doubts about the whole abuse situation. Especially when we were a child who was not mature enough to digest everything.

Nowadays whenever I read adult survivor stories, found there’s a commonality among abuse stories, we were act like a robot living in chaos /…

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