If you are not a narcissistic abuse victim/survivor, or don’t know much about narc abuse, please read this article by Saoirse Quill before you make any judgement about narc victims/survivors. Please remember: physical scars might heal, but psychological scars last a lifetime. When narc abuse victims are smiling, they might be bleeding inside.

a freckled lass

This is a revised comment I made on ‘The Messy Mrs.’, after a reader attacked her out of complete ignorance, in my humble opinion.  It goes to show that on the outside looking in, people don’t see what victims/survivors of malignant narcissism have endured.  They have no idea what it has done to our hearts, minds and our very souls!!  This is my rant defending the writer … it really gets my dander up when people spew hurtful words about things they have never experienced or simply don’t understand!  It is the most frustrating thing for victims/survivors of abuse by malignant narcissists – not being understood or even believed.  This is my very emotional RANT!!

sad factWay to go, Messy Mrs.!!!  People are so ready to attack us when we ‘appear’ to have loving/caring mothers – who are great at putting on ‘the show’ and only when it suits them to.  Providing just…

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